Since 2015, we have been offering our clients a wide range of digital key games, that can be registered on Steam, Origin, Uplay or BattleNet. Our goal is to offer good prices, instant delivery and the greatest variety of titles available in our stock.


Instant Delivery

Couldn’t be simpler! Our service is fully automated. You can get codes right after the purchase, so don’t waste your time anymore.

Always Available

We enable you to access our digital codes PreyBox at any time. No matter where you are, our system is always ready for you.

PAYMENTAll payment be secured

We accept a variety of payment methods. Paypal, Skrill, standard bank transfers and over 50 local and international methods. Security is our top priority.

Professional Support

We care about relations. Our well-trained support team is always ready to help. We will answer your questions within 24h.


Where do I find my license key for activating the game?

All keys after purchase within 5-15 minutes after the Fraud check sent to your email address indicated in the Billing.

When will I receive my purchase for my code game?

PreyBox has a automated fraud system that rates all orders automatically

This usually takes between 5-15 minutes.

If you have been waiting longer your order has been flagged for manual approval and will be processed as fast as possible. Normally within 12 hours.

Can I change the order?

Sorry, it’s impossible. We don’t accept any cancellations of the orders. We can only cancel it if we failed to meet the terms of the transaction from the PreyBox.com side, or when an accidental mistake occurs (like a double order), but only after immediate notification of the misunderstanding. Any exceptions will be examined individually.

When do you deliver my pre-orders?

The pre-orders won’t be delivered later than on release day. Usually we receive coded 1-2 days before the release date, you will receive an email notification when the keys become available on your account.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept the following payment methods:

Select the payment method you prefer.

a) Paypal ( You must have the Paypal Verified.)

  • We will cancel your order.
  • If you have the Unverified Paypal Account,
  • If your Paypal email different from the Billing email.

b) Swedbank  Siin saate maksta internetipangas.

c) Paysera – over 50 international payment methods. Credit cards, Giropay, Safety Pay and much more.

d) CoinPayments – accept over 80 altcoins. Use your crypto for the goods paying.

e) Magnet(MAG) –  classical X11 cryptocurrency.

  • You must have correct Mag’s chain.
  • All Magnet orders has been flagged for manual approval. Normally within 12 hours.
  • We are not  any responsible for the failures in the Magnet system and the loss of your funds  in Magnet, if we do not receive a payment from you.

Please contact us if you have any questions.