Xbox Live Gold 12+1 month

Xbox Live Gold 12+1 month


Region: Global

Platform: Xbox Live Activation

Type: Digital Code

NB! 12 + 1 months Xbox live gold membership card. Using this subscription you can enjoy 13 whole months of on-line gaming.

Get more with Gold

Take advantage of the very best value for all the goodness of Gold! Your Xbox Live Gold Membership lets you connect and play with friends around the world. You’ll receive Gold-exclusive discounts like the Deal of the Week. Plus, with your Gold Membership you get early access to some of the best new content.*

With Xbox Live Gold, you get the most advanced multiplayer, free games, exclusive member discounts up to 50-75% on games in the Xbox Store, and more.*

In order to activate your key:

  1. Visit Xbox
  2. Sign in to the Xbox account.
  3. Choose:” Manage Profile – Reedem Prepaid Card”
  4. Enter your 12+1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Card Code.


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With an Xbox LIVE Gold membership, take your Xbox 360 / Xbox One online to play Kinect and controller games with friends wherever they are. Instantly watch HD movies, TV shows and sports, and with Kinect, your voice is the remote control. Not sure what to play or watch?

Quickly find new movies, songs or games with your voice. Even use your phone or tablet as a second screen to control and interact with what you’re watching. Plus, now you can explore the web on your TV with Internet Explorer for Xbox. Entertainment is more amazing with Xbox.


• Play Kinect and controller games online with friends
• Watch TV from Sky, Netflix, BBC iPlayer**, YouTube and many more
• Use your voice to easily find movies, TV shows, music and games on Xbox 360 with Kinect
• Use your phone or tablet as a second screen for an enhanced game and entertainment experience

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